Introduction to Participant Activity Report API

Collect participation, scores and progression details of Klaxoon activities

Klaxoon is the world’s first all-in-one work collaboration platform that turns every interaction into a concrete business win.

With 10 powerful visual collaboration tools, Klaxoon is a game-changer that empowers individuals to increase engagement, drive productivity, and shape an innovative workspace.

You can use Klaxoon collaboration platform to :

  • Collect feedback with a Survey
  • Evaluate knowledge with a Quiz
  • Test knowledge on any topic with the gamified activity Adventure
  • Secure next steps and easily collect feedback before or after a meeting with Memo
  • Share knowledge, evaluate the level of understanding on any given topic, and ask for feedback with Mission
  • Encourage interactivity during onsite or remote meetings with Session

What the Participant Activity Report APIs can do?

With Klaxoon Participant Activity Report API you can collect participation, scores and progression details of participants for these Klaxoon activities.

Who is this for?

The Activity Report API is meant for anyone interested in programmatically track and retrieve participants reports on Klaxoon activities. It can be use to build custom report, automations or to send Klaxoon result to a Learning Management System.