Introduction to Klaxoon Developer Platform

Start building with the Klaxoon API

Welcome to Klaxoon Developer Platform!

Klaxoon is now ready to communicate with your apps and services.
This is where you’ll find all the information needed to develop third-party experiences with Klaxoon.

Klaxoon Developer Platform general concepts

Go through the basic, required steps to start using Klaxoon Developer Platform:

Board API

With Klaxoon Board API learn how to connect your application to Klaxoon and exchange data programmatically with Board.

Activity Picker

With Klaxoon Activity Picker discover how a user can browse, pick or create a Klaxoon Activity from your product.

Embedding Klaxoon

With Klaxoon Embed learn how you can integrate live collaborative Klaxoon Activities directly into your product.

Enterprise APIs

With Klaxoon Enterprise API discover how you can:

  • Monitor what's happening in your Klaxoon organization using the Audit Logs API.
  • Provide automated provisioning and user management to SSO partners using Klaxoon SCIM API.