Here we list the most common error codes you can encounter during the OAuth flow:

Error TypeReason
invalid_paramsRequired parameters are missing or invalid. Details are provided in the response.
unsupported_response_typeThe requested response type is not supported by the authorization server. You must use response_type=code.
application_not_foundThe application associated with the client_id does not exist.
invalid_scopeThe specified scope is not authorized for this user, this application, is unknown or malformed.
Details are provided in the response.
invalid_redirect_uriThe provided redirect_uri does not match a pre-registered value.
missing_redirect_uriThe redirect_uri is not registered for this application.
invalid_requestThe access_token is missing, the authorization code is invalid or the refresh_token is invalid. Details are provided in the response.
invalid_tokenThe access_token is invalid or has expired.
invalid_clientThe client_secret is invalid.