Introduction to Klaxoon Audit Logs API

Monitor what's happening and access your company's Klaxoon event logs using the Audit Log API


What the Audit Logs API can do?

The Audit Logs API is for monitoring specific events happening in a Klaxoon company or organization account. It is meant to ensure continued compliance, to safeguard against any inappropriate system access, and to allow to audit suspicious behavior within your enterprise.

Full details on the Audit Log entry can be found on the API Reference.

Who is this for?

The Audit Logs API is meant for anyone interested in programmatically monitoring audit events in a Klaxoon organization. This Enterprise level API can be used by:

  • A company Admin to investigate specific events across Klaxoon services.
  • Security professionals interested in actively monitoring their Klaxoon organization for potential security issues
  • Providers of SIEM solutions looking to integrate with Klaxoon