Embedded Activity Link

How to embed a Klaxoon Activity

How To


For Embedded Activity Link to be available on your website or web app you need to be listed as a Klaxoon Partner and be provided with an embedID

You can contact us at [email protected] with details about your use case and we'll be in touch shortly.

To embed an Activity from Klaxoon into your website or web application you can use the following url:


Use this link as a source in your iFrame code to embed the activity as an iFrame:

<iframe id="iFrameExample"
    title="iFrame Example"

Get the 'accessCode'

The access_code correspond to your activity Access Code in Klaxoon.

It can be retrieved manually from the browser URL of the Activity:

  1. Open the Klaxoon Activity in a browser
  2. Copy the Activity Access Code from the URL

For programmatically accessing to the Embedded Activity Link you can use the Activity Picker.

Access rights

All permissions are set on Klaxoon. The access right of an embedded activity are the same as the one configured in Klaxoon.
If a user does not have the required permissions to access the activity she/he won't be able to access it via the embedded link.